Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Scoop

94 NZ Defence Force personnel leaving for Afghanistan this Saturday to replace Provincial Reconstruction Team in Bamyan, the seventh rotation since Sept, 2003. Good luck, troops! Interesting tidbit:
The NZDF [are deployed in]: Antarctica, Bosnia, Kosovo, East Timor, Solomon Islands, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Sudan & Afghanistan.
Makes ya proud. God bless our Fighting Men & Women!

How dare you call us that!
GE-Free guys audaciously insult our home, "Switzerland of the Pacific." Firstly, it's SOUTH Pacific, thank you. Who wants to be lumped in with Asia, Mexico, Canada (we're wimpy enough already) & other rogue nations. Secondly, The Swiss? Arrgh! I don't think so!
Only good thing about 'em is householders have guns (and an extremely low burglary rate). Who wants to be likened to a cuckoo-clock watching, holey-cheese making, international money-laundering, too-girly-to-fight "Neutral" country without a decent beach, that doesn't even know what language it speaks. As for much vaunted 'Fine Chocolate' they don't hold a candle to our Milky Bar Kid. Wish I could say, "Stuff that for a joke!" in French, German, Dutch & Italian.

Long live death row!
When folks enquire, "Why are you so bitter & twisted?" I reply, "Coz there's tons of creeps out there who need killing!" Exhibit A: Almost too sickening to read story of major perverted whack-job caught with over 16,000 kiddie-porn pics (including torture scenes). After also abusing and photographing girls, he'll spend a woefully inadequate 2 years, 5 months inside. Judge needs sentencing, too, IMO, for gobsmacking leniency. Wish capital punishment would make a comeback - perfect for such deviant low-lifes. Roasting in Hell for Eternity oughta be ample time for 'contrite reminiscing'.

Still, let's strive to be cheerful...
The "Fatboy from Two Dollar Bay" a.k.a. Minister of Maori Affairs, giddy over launch of Te Microsoft. Uncharacteristically free of Parekura's impenetrable verbosity. For once, his English doesn't need translating.

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