Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lock up your daughters!

Bubba Returneth
Get out your blue-stained dresses, everyone! Look who's coming back to NooZild! Yep, it's Monica's boyfriend who'll no doubt be disappointed we no longer allow cigars in the workplace.

Hold the sympathy...
Much kiwi media ink spilled over Auckland student kidnapped in Iraq, member of innocent sounding "Christian Peacemaking Teams." While no one deserves to be held captive by islamic crazies, before distributing hankys for sure-to-follow national blub-fest, consider FrontPageMag's expose of the CPTs, revealing them as another misguided bunch of anti-war activist riff-raff. My eyes are dry, my heartstrings untugged.

extreme makeover...
Freaky story in France about world's first Face Transplant. Patient had to wait for a donor (to die), so now she's wearing a dead woman's face. The science is amazing but it's still a tad heeby-jeeby to me. I'd never consent to such surgery - unless donor was Dave Beckham or that purdy crybaby doctor on LOST. In that case, aesthetic benefits would easily compensate for any moral & ethical regrets. It'd be a shame to get Jack's face tho' since it'd mean no 3rd series. I hope froglady getting her
nouveau visage doesn't end up looking anything like the crazy Frenchlady on Lost Island. Talk about buyer beware! I'd definitely demand a refund!

culture of death
Chch doctor & evil witch, Pippa Mckay quoted in Press:
"young girls coped well physically with an abortion... they also often coped better psychologically because they did not tend to make the emotional connection to having a baby that women who had already given birth did...
Baby-killer propaganda at its most callously sinister. Never understood the culture of death. Ever keen to slaughter babies, kaumatua, the sick & infirm -- society's most defenceless -- yet wince with hollow piety at capital punishment.

bits & pieces
* Nep to join Navy 4 days before 18th birthday in January. Ka leka, Rick! You're neat alright!
* Current tune being thrashed on hard-drive proving conclusively I have NO taste: Cruisin' On The Interislander by The Warratahs. Very 'commercial'. Love the phoney 'Southern' accents of NZ wannabe-cowboy singers. At least I'm buying kiwi-made, the Greens'd be proud! ;-)
* Out of the mouths of babes: "Is Michael Jackson a boy?" ~ 5 yr old nep.
* T-shirt caption seen on bus: Special Offer - One Night Only
* Got Firefox 1.5 - Just gets better & better!
* Getting heaps of 'smtp failure' emails w/attachments lately. Hope it's some vindictive cyber-leftist I've offended ;-)

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