Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Maori Party are scaring me

"Progressive" moral conservatism?
TMP give thumbs-down to both redefining Marriage Bill (as between "Man & Woman") and the cleaning-up Manukau Prostitution Bill. WTF? ['scuse my Ngati Porou dialect]. Wonder what the Ratana Church, deep in the heart of Tariana-land, think of all this? I can't recall any scripture affirming TMP's stances. And I'm sure - creative interpretation aside - the Treaty has little to say endorsing such matters. Which Maori tribe, council or organisation - apart from the AIDS foundation who've been kidnapped by radicals - could possibly concur with TMP on these issues? I just don't get it, coming from a group claiming to profess strong 'family' values.

Te Ururoa Wants You to pay for everyone else's kids' upbringing. Btw, they don't call it "socialism" when Maoris do it; it's called "whanau." Everyone else is a detestable pinko, we OTOH are "family orientated" ;-) TU's speech opens promisingly with grand theatrical flourish:
"TMP believes there is no greater responsibility and honour than that of raising the next generations"
Thereafter unfortunately, it's down hill all the way. Lotsa figures sloshed about attesting to extraordinary entrepreneurialism of our wahine... if only given more help, chances, incentives, cash, bla bla bla... Looks like self-interested Maori feminists have learned much from their Tauiwi sisters. Like how to milk an opportunity at every spot & how to guilt-trip stupid, susceptible males into doing your dirty work for you.

Pita suspects entire Wananga hullaballo is all a big govt conspiracy, suggesting its:
real agenda.. exposing Te Wananga to.. inquiry upon inquiry, is.. [to disguise] its own inability to.. monitor & give advice to all tertiary institutions, including.. Polytechnics & Universities
Could be. The disappearing millions of dollars, jaw-dropping financial mismanagement, blatant nepotism & absymal standards of business practice, all a mere smokescreen for problems elsewhere in 3ry Ed sector. Credit to Mr Sharples for having a dig at Labour anyway! Kudos also for literary invention with timely simian metaphors to explain TMP's opposition to Waka-jumping Bill & other 'gorilla' laws.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Dr Sharples might consider changing his name to Petera, seeing as how Pita is an acronym for Pain In The Arse.

phil said...


Oops, better not laugh, he might whack me with his patu :-)

I've seen those Te Roopu Manutaki videos. The man's got 'the moves'!