Friday, December 02, 2005

Advance Australia Fear?

On ya bike...
Most unsportsman-like of Fiercest & Bitterest Rivals to not show up at cycling comps. No excuse for good biking nation. Hmmm, wonder why they really didn't show up? They've been a little timid lately since we've been kicking their a*se in every sport imaginable. How do you say "buuurk buk-buk-buk-buk-buk" in Ostray'n?

Wheel blacks confirm NZ's incredible athletic dominance, thrashing neighbours 43-40 in paralympic rugby.

tenuous grip on reality...
Back to moaning about the Herald.
As regular as a morning turd, Ed Murphy squeezes out another anti-military rant. Inventing history & determined to smear our Defence Forces, The Awf'land Herald stubbornly refuses to acknowledge Waiouru enquiry's conclusion. Is this NZH's latest whipping boy? Have they run out of cops to slander?

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