Friday, December 02, 2005

Ah, shut up before I smash you!

Tariana goes all weird on us demanding complete cessation of violence in any form. Times like these, you long for the T of old; scaring people with inflammatory racial rhetoric instead of this syrupy sludge slopping earth-goddess uber-kuia nonsense that'd make even Jeanette McDonald blush. Stop it, Tariana! You're embarrassing us, making Maoris look bad. Jeez, we spend YEARS labouring in gangs, prisons, slums & criminal underworld cultivating 'staunch' reputation, & you open your big mouth and nearly ruin everything. You sound like those dizzy twits who think we can end violence by wearing black on Thursdays.

While being a brainless klutz is forgiveable (within Maoridom), SHAME ON YOU for publically dissing our military chockablock full of Maoris! Thanks for sh*tting on our Army boys and their families!

Serious jump-the-shark boo-boo! Our soldiers don't need help being dragged through the mud, by some doddery old precious pious puff-bag! The milquetoast NZPA eunuchs will manage fine on their own.

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