Friday, December 02, 2005

at last

A sensible judge
Justice Morris rejects allegations of a "culture of violence" at Waiouru cadet school.Give the man a common-sense award:
"To suffer and endure it is unfortunately the lot of some... Those bullied [were] those unable, because of size or make-up, to adequately defend themselves. I suspect... these cadets should never have been selected for the Army"
NZH staff, quite naturally, affronted by life's basic facts. Hyperventilating Twit Author -- astounded aggression exists in the Army -- terrifyingly details 10 offences, including 'forced showering' (just how 'traumatic' can getting wet be?). HTA dredges up decade-old misquote to paint Justice Morris a rape-promoting, paleolithic, misogynist. Like that other msm concoction, the "sick culture" of CM Police, our NZH bed-wetters have a new target, the military's "culture of violence". As reminder and reinforcement of our Armed Force's "savage barbarity", glossary of abuse appended.

Busy hack!

Two columns (or what passes for journalism at the NZH) in one day. In hack-lit, Important Info usually goes in intro paragraph. How does Sooky Scribe begin?
Nineteen cases of alleged sexual abuse - including two of rape - have been revealed by an inquiry into an Army cadet school
Stop right there! From opening sentence we can deduce: author's main concern is RAPE. Not real rape, just 'alleged rape' - even if its from years ago, that'll do to lead a story. Is author (a) sensationalist (b) brave battler against male hegemony (c) sloppy writer resorting to cheap tricks (d) rushed hack submitting any old rubbish to meet deadline (e) 5th rate, writer with sincere passion for journalism but unfortunately zilch talent & no one's had the heart to tell it to face.

Oh well! I guess the Herald can waste its money hiring whoever it likes.

but wait, there's more...
Thankfully real talent does thrive at the Herald. Fellow Kleenex-blower waxes lyrical:
the sun was shining... yesterday
last year... it was pouring with rain
Unfortunately, talent is limited to weather-forecasting, NOT poetry or journalism. Recycling hurt from FORTY years ago shows the lengths NZH will go so as to:
(a) wring a few tears
(b) avoid Real Story: Inquiry concluded army's "culture of violence" is a msm-constructed LIE.

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