Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Aucklanders with Attitude

penis envy
Jafas look down their haughty, multi-ethnic noses to diss our beautiful Capital Wellington. The cheek! Coming from that crap-hole which is nothing more than Southern slums, Western hoons & a dumping ground for 3rd-world chumps, rejects & undesirables [except for the fine folk of Epsom]. Have they nothing better to do but seethe with rage, trapped in daily 5 hour traffic jams, bitter about unluckiness not to live in Sth Pacific's most glam metropolis?
"Wellington is really the nearest thing we have to a European city"
Yup, bureaucratic sprawl; brain-dead mobs of grey-suited subservient, socialists suckling off Nanny's teat; & huge swathes of arrogant, dreary, wankers with cultural pretensions and delusions of masculinity. But at least we speak a common European language here - English. Unlike the balkanized babel north of the Bombays. Ni hao ma!

let the civil wars begin
Multi-culti mullet-head assists inexorable national suicide, cheering on invasion from Dark Continent. Witless white woman - blissfully ignorant of demographics - unaware that in a few short generations, African fecundity plus the West's abortion obsession, will soon consign Pakeha to minority-hood in their own land. Let's hope there'll still be enough white taxpayers to fund future unemployment benefits.
"the gatherings helped to keep the culture alive for a small African community who are spread throughout the city"
Can clitorectdomies, tribal warfare, honour killings & boiling white missionaries in the pot, be next? You can take the barbarian out of the bush... It's hard to 'Celebrate Diversity' while being hacked by crazed hordes of machete-wielding semi-evolved primates.

Go get 'em, Greenpeace!
Don't often side with the enviro-wackos, but applaud their spirited battle against high-sea rapists & pillagers, Japan. Kamikaze crackpots, doing phoney science research for the sushi industry, have audacity to label greenies a "
terrorist organisation", "opinionated" and "self-righteous." Rather hypocritical coming from a brutal dynasty of imperialistic tyrants with record of cruelty unparalleled in global history. Go home, Nips, to your own polluted, overexhausted, barren fishing grounds & quit ruthless plunder of others' share of global resources. If we had a govt with gonads & an armed airforce, we could sink the chinks to an icey, watery Antarctic grave. In the meantime - Go, Nandor's buddies!

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