Friday, December 02, 2005

Jones sacked as Wallaby coach!

Whoah! Heavy stuff from The Australian. Still absorbing it all. Too shocked to comment.
Ewen McKenzie to take over? Nucifora? Alan Jones sounds rather mouthy, even by Ozzy standards. Poor Eddie, liked him since Brumbies' coach.

highlight of Jones' career was plotting an upset win against New Zealand in a semi-final of the 2003 World Cup in Sydney
Should really hate him for that alone. Can't do it, admire his cheekiness. Have no clue about his 'control freak' nature.
How will history treat him? RH Poll
57 tests as Coach. 33 wins (58%) - 23 losses (40%) -1 draw (2%)
This'll set the "Eddie was useless & if it wasn't for Rod McQueen, he'd never have.. blabla" crowd off. Can't wait to read rugbyheaven when SMH wakes up. Can't believe story hasn't broken at NZH yet. Wakey, wakey Aklders! It's nearly 5:30. Can't believe talkZB haven't got it yet.

Digression: just discovered must-bookmark ABC sports news site.

Digression 2: AIS tell us to 'rack off' now that Oz aren't thrashing us at everything. Sensible policy, really. Why aid adversaries?

(wma) Murray Olds reckons nothing's confirmed yet, all a bit cloudy.. ? He's tipping McKenzie to succeed. What a meat-head looking coach!

* ARU about to confirm. He's off to Japan. Missus'll be happy. Is that what the 2011 WRC vote was all about?
* NZH arises from slumber. Mitchell squashes those rumours; commits to Western Force. Go, them! Might make WF fave Oz team to cheer for when they're not playing kiwis.
* Stuff: Mitch might help their forward pack - & let's face it - they need it. Import some Jaapies, maybe.

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