Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nasty Nats

National's nascent Nanny-statism to the fore with law & order spokesman keen on British-style curfews & parenting orders. Discarding meagre matters like freedom & civil liberties, Mr Power (freak) rebuffs criticism his plans are "prescriptive" noting special concern about,
"the large number of Maori who come into contact with the law"
He doesn't explain how jailing Maori parents will ameliorate kids' behaviour. He's also oblivious to widespread contempt for contemporary mainstream education that overemphasises "social justice" at the expense of literacy & numeracy. Why any Maori would consent to their kids' brainwashing by progressive, queer-activist feminazis is beyond me. The unbridled arrogance of a Party attempting to enforce 'bourgeoise' values on Maoridom is insulting, to say the least. I'm sickened to have given them my party vote; won't ever be that foolish again. Hey, Nats! You keep offending us Maoris at every opportunity and we'll keep voting you into opposition. See you at the next election! Kia ora!
ps - we're outbreeding you, so you better campaign hard!

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