Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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continuing rant from last post (blogger.com goes all funny editing long posts)

The Awards Continue...

Most Amazing Person of the Year: Our very own President George W. Bush. Kiwis are so lucky to have such a fine man be our world leader.

Staunchest Online Dubya Supporter: Lucianne Goldberg. Any media/ current affairs/ "interested in the news" type blogger who doesn't have L.com linked is a rank amateur and/or rabid leftist.

Cyber-hero Award (National): Herr A. Finkiinsein - oh, crikey, I can't even spell it. You know who you are, Adolph ;-)

Cyber-hero Award (International) Internet identity with cyber-handle "amereagle."
True Blue Patriot: Real American - capital 'R', capital 'A'.

Other plans for 2006
1. Become STAUNCH Rodney supporter. Visit, brutally assault & permanently maim, injure & disfigure ANY of his detractors, online or elsewhere, even parliamentarians. That's what a good supporter would do.

2. Find good lawyer whilst inside on charges resulting from #1.

3. Convince ACT hierarchy, that just coz I got jailed for attacking Rodney's critics, that's no reason to suspend my party membership.

4. Hope that Helen Clark dies before I do, just so I can have the last laugh. Ugly old hag will probably outlive me, just to be a b*tch.

5. Get over my intense HATRED for anyone (except my darling mum, auntys & whanaunga) who voted for the Commies on Sept 17. Labour supporters need killing & I don't mean that in a nasty or bad way. Just stating the facts.

6. Become a role model.

More Awards
Best cook: Sister, spag & meatballs, Thai chicken curry
Runner up: Other Sister, pavlovas
Best burger: Steak & Egg, Joe's (Jville)
Best Rugby Player: Tony Woodcock
Best Netballer: Temepara George
Best new series: LOST
Best fat pig socialist film-maker: Peter Jackson
Best scummy propaganda outlet for leftist girly-men wimps: The New Zealand Herald
Best needs her face kicked in TV personality: Janet MacIntyre
Best international sportsman: Lance Armstrong
Best kiwi writer: Rosemary McLeod
Best news event: John liar-journalist-like-they-all-are Manukia getting snapped.

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