Tuesday, December 20, 2005

lint, fluff & miscellanea

Just a few odds & ends...

Article of the day: Everyone's darling, Mark Steyn, on riots & racism.

Geek update: Need new ISP. Current one, Maxnet, keeps having problems with corrupted/virus laden emails that won't download from their server to my puter. What's really frustrating is having to make daily toll calls to Akld - Maxnet
don't have 0800 number - so my (tech-help) phone bill might end up larger than the internet bill itself.

Geek update 2: have installed counter-thingey. Am so proud I did it all by myself. Yup, that simple cut/paste job was a real accomplishment ;-) Am cheating by repeatedly hitting refresh button to give myself more hits. Liar? Phoney? Scammer? (hehehe) Yeah, I know I'm a big loser, but so what...

Update, duh! & gimmee a slap moment: Just spoke to ISP phone-help guy & he reckons I don't need to keep making calls as ISP's website has page for users to check/ change/ fiddle with email accounts.

Feeling goofy... No more work for the year! Feel so good & giddy I can hardly concentrate. Went hunting for news stories to moan about, but couldn't do it, I'm just too happy! In too much of a good mood to genuinely complain. I just can't manage it, not with any sincerity.

Geek update 3: Anyone out there wanna fall in love in me? I'm keen, flirt away! All suitors entertained! Don't be shy, no one can "see" you online! No one'll know that your lying about being a rich, famous, beautiful, supermodel (like me). Discretion assured, I won't tell your husband :-) ... unless you're filthy rich & blackmailable, that is...

Geek update 4: Need a new Universal Username & Password for next year. This year & previous, have joined heaps of online forums etc, all with different usernames & passwords. Have forgotten All of them - even my Sir Humph's login. So, now I'm locked out having lost my "digital keys." Need to create a Master Username & Password to use everywhere & simplify cyber-life.

New Years Resolutions
1. Give up smoking (again)
2. Completely stop swearing, both oral & written
3. Find a nice church I feel comfortable with. Don't wanna listen to no idiot pastor rant on about the Evils of George Bush & the war & America...
4. Destroy those evil credit cards which force me - against my will - to buy stuff I don't need & get more in debt.
5. Establish serious blog to collate, study, analyse, and interpret Moteatea from Te Tai Rawhiti. It can be my online 'legacy' to the world in lieu of procreating.
6. Study the following in depth: Art History, Philosophy, World History, so I can be a painful, torturous know it all in cyberspace & real life.
7. Get off my useless Lazy butt & get fit(ter) like I once was before I got a computer.
8. Do volunteer work for ACT the next email I get from them asking for help.

Reflections on 2005 and...

* Have surpassed all expectations & am still going strong after nearly 3 months. This is 4th attempt at blog-keeping. All earlier blogs lasted only about 3 weeks. Previously, under mistaken impression that blogs 'had to' be serious - it all became too hoha and burdensome - like having to do daily homework. But now, realising I can natter on about rubbish all day if I wish (a natural talent) - it's become a pleasure, rather than a chore.

* Thank you, crew at Sir Humphrey's - you fullahs are My Heroes!
* Thank you, Mr D. P. Farrar - you hold a special place in all 'Kiwi bloggers' hearts.
* Thank you, Mr Selwyn - you're a bloody dag & always crack me up. Tumeke, alright!
* Thank you, Mr Cresswell - you're a gentleman & a scholar.
* Thank you, Anonymous Folk [you know who you are! ;-)] out there for emailing all your help & assistance to a complete unknown. The "kindness of strangers" is truly touching & affirms my hope in human goodness. Bless you all, cyber-Angels!
* Thank you, Helen Clark... Nah! Just kidding....

...or things I've never done & wanna do before I shed this mortal coil...

* Fall wildly, madly, deeply, passionately, truly in love... with reciprocator.
* Get married (falling in love optional) & have kids, but that's in God's hands, so...
* Try a Martini. A proper one in proper (flat triangular glass, MEDIUM-legth stem) with olive on stick. Shaking/stirring optional - my personal opinion re "bruising" gin: whatever!
* Go overseas. Even to Ozzy. Relinquish my... er, "tangata whenua" status.
* Spend a whole year alcohol-free. (Yeah, I can dream...)
* Get through Chapter 3 of my "Teach yourself Microsoft VB" book. I do really well until I come up to all that StrVal= bla bla bla rubbish. Once [proudest techy achievement] made a program that converted inches to centimeters & vice versa. Write all the code & everything, myself. So... Bill Gates, NASA, MIT... if you're lookin' for some young raw talent...
* Read a whole Shakespeare play and: (1) read right to the end (2) sustain interest throughout (3) try to figure out what the heck he's on about (4) succeed (5) enjoy it.

2005: Heroes to Villains list
Winston Peters: What a disgrace! Tag-teaming with the Hag. Aue! Can't believe I voted NZF in TWO elections.

Peter Fat Socialist Labour-Campaigning Pig Jackson: Gee, you got an UGLY missus! (sorry, just tryin' to think of the nastiest thing I could come up with off the top of head).

Teresa Gattung (sp?): Once a frosty, hyper-intelligent, ambitious, hard-headed ultra-sexy business babe. Now! What's with that "change the flag" crap & Helen-cuddling? Stupid egg!

NZ Music Industry: Atrocious treatment of Dr Brash. Inexcusable! Award ceremonies are to celebrate Artistic merit, success & achievement. They should NOT be hijacked to vent political vitriol. Get a blog, if you have to, but don't pull that parliamentary slagging-off crap in public! I'm as arty-farty as they come (tru-blu Wgtn-ian) - but I'll NEVER condone, nor patronise spleen-venting artists who deliberately provoke, antagonise, embarrass, insult, alienate or condescend to the general kiwi public. All artists are Ambassadors for their craft, curators of our cultural heritage. The fallout resulting from stunts such as the Music Awards fiasco - which offended a Huge segment of our populace - amounts to Vandalism of our national cultural heritage! Untold damage is wreaked when ordinary folk switch off from the arts/ craft/ entertainment/ creative worlds coz of spoiled adolescents throwing public tantrums like Oliver [never gonna watch Any TV show he's on, in future] Driver & co. Someone get them a PR guy to explain importance of Not ticking-off your potential ticket-buying audience.

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