Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas is a time of good cheer

Proof that even God hates them
Optimism springs eternal with geologists forecasting cataclysmic volcanic eruptions in Auckland. The good news is that it's likely to render the Queen city an uninhabitable hell-hole (not that much different from today, when ya think about it). The bad news is we'll have to wait for 5000 years till we pop the champagne corks. By my calculations, 5000 x 365 = ...... yay! only 1,825,000 sleeps until 'Christmas.' Let the countdown begin!

Great Danes

Good to see at least one Euro-weenie country grow a spine & stand up to religious bullies. Resurrecting the fighting Viking spirit, Denmark's press & govt have defied the thin-skinned protestations of Allah's army outraged over paper's cartoon depiction of their prophet. It's unimaginable that our craven, pussy-whipped msm could ever exhibit such fortitude. Their ovaries would rupture in an explosion of oestrogen. As for the women journalists... they'd be none too happy either.

Waipareira Warrior
None of that girly stuff from ex-parliamentary pugilist, John Tamihere, determined to worm his way back onto the board of the West Auckland trust. Like the scorned ex-lover that won't accept "it's over," JT resorts to dirty, underhanded, contemptible tactics - and takes fellow trustees to court. Shame! Since marae disputes are traditionally settled by drunken screaming matches, obscenities & fisticuffs, John's unseemly legal proceedings can only bring Maoridom into disrepute.

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