Saturday, December 17, 2005

Far out!

The final frontier
NASA will "boldly go where no man has gone before" (no, not inside Helen Clark's knickers - no one's that foolhardy!). They're sending a space probe, "New Horizons", to Pluto for a jack at the planet & its 3 moons. The launch 'window' is between Jan 11 - Feb 2 next year, will take 9 1/2 years to get there, and will cost $650M. The probe won't hang around, however - there's no brakes! - and will continue on to explore the Kuiper Belt & neighbourhood. Way cool!


TMonkey said...

Speaking of Februrary the 2nd...'s ma birthday! :D

phil said...

Mark down 6 January for me.

In France (pukey subject, i know) the 6th of Jan is called "La fete des Rois" - The Festival of the Kings (or sumpink)

Yes, I think that extremly appropriate. I don't mean to sound 'big-headed' or anything, but do you mind addressing me as "Your Royal Highness" from now on - I hate it when peasants don't show due respect :-)