Friday, December 30, 2005

death by Government

Mataura massacre
Paper-pushing pandemonium as Environment Southland consent to 20+ years of increasing toxic discharges into hapless Sth Island community. Blissfully blind to carcinogengic chemicals, the bombastic bureacrats buckle to big-business's bullying. An unimpressed local tartly observes their nauseating gutless hypocrisy:
"If a dairy farmer has a cow standing in a creek that takes a pooh, the council would come down hard on the farmer & prosecute, but it does not have the balls to take on a big company"
In future decades with local cancer rates soaring, which bumbling body will investigate insidious industry's indiscretions? At least the formaldehyde corpses will be well preserved for examination.

tobacco may be harmful to health
Hawkes Bay ciggy seller recounts near fatal attack by hammer-bearing thugs in his shop. Assault unseen by public through opaque shop windows mandated by Labour's lunatic legislation. Health Ministry's nico-nazis unrepentant, adamant that:
"under the smokefree laws retailers must ensure tobacco products are not visible from outside the shop"
Unfazed by predicted spate of future attacks, loopy lawmakers defend demise of advertorial freedom, and thus condemn honest hard working business folk to mercies of egregious gangsters - who, exasperatingly, will now profit handsomely from selling ill-gotten gains. Does our govt have a sense of priorities? Seems they're prepared to tolerate vicious criminal violence if it means keeping public safe from cigarette merchants.

hard to digest
Raumati man with a gutsful of hospital slop disguised as food, challenges daredevil diners to subsist for a fortnight on unpalatable pig-swill force-fed to patients. Routinely defying Hippocratic injunction to "first do no harm," these culinary criminals inflict dietary dangers on our most vulnerable and infirm. Could explain the ever-lengthening waiting lists as convalescents succumb to malnutrition in palliative purgatory. Could also explain prevalence of "nil by mouth" signs so commonly seen in the wards.

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