Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Gang-rape, anyone? Dial 'M' for Muslim.

Coming to a town near you...
FrontPage Mag reports frightening rise in occurences of rabid islamic dogs commiting mass-rape in Australia, England, France, Norway, Pakistan, Sudan, Sweden, anywhere, in fact, with large concentrations of muslim immigrants. More infuriating are the cowed, coddling media, bending over backwards to cover up any connection between these brutal assaults and the rapists' religion. When (not if) these attacks become commonplace in NZ, expect our msm to likewise go into big-time denial. The NZ Herald will probably blame Bush, the DomPost will blame Brash,
our Race Relations Commissioner will urge 'tolerance', our Academe will preach 'understanding'. And all of our witless lefties will wrack themselves with liberal guilt, pleading, "what have we done to upset them?" None of our gutless media cowards will muster the courage to face down these uncivilised savages.

Happy New Year & remember: Islam means "peace."