Friday, December 16, 2005

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

Later, bro!
Mikey Cullen sighs with relief now that embattled Wananga head, Rongo Wetere, has bailed out after long, bitter, protracted squabbling with its Council, Ed & Govt officials.
An auditor's report faulting him for:
"poor-decision making, inadequate management, & unacceptable practices in international travel & credit card expenditure"
But apart from that, he did a sterling job! He'll receive a (six figure?) going-away present, which, looks suspiciously like a 'golden handshake' - but a govt spokesman says otherwise so I'm obviously mistaken. Now, if only we can make a start on the rest of his family...

* He'll receive a $120K payout. Nice work if you can get it!
* AG has a very interesting take on the matter.
* Te Paati Maori also offer a strange but nice press release. Most semi-bizarrish statement:
"TMP commends the way in which TWoA has become known for cultural diversity, for entrepreneurship, for nation-building. It has become the intellectual beacon to which the dis-enfranchised and the working classes have gravitated, as they strive to emancipate their minds from the mental poverty imposed upon them by mainstream educationalists"
Seems Dr Sharples read lots of Marx, Freire, Said (and Bob Marley) while at varsity.

Parliamentary Pork
The Hag gets a $30K pay rise plus $18K expenses. Perhaps they should add another 10 cents so she can buy a paper bag to put over her head. I'd probably vote Labour if she wasn't so gawd-dang Ugly. To be truthful, I've yet to actually look at her. Having read Greek Mythology, I know what happens to those unlucky enough to sight a gorgon. Good on Rodney for kicking up a stink:
"the pay rises would be a sick joke for New Zealanders"
He's clearly never met any of Rongo Wetere's family.

Orwellians for Peace
Another beneficiary of the State's largesse is Mr Brash, still smarting over the juvenile antics of those White Power fullahs. I'd probably vote National if they weren't opposed to free speech:
"There is no place in NZ for these kinds of threatening, inflammatory actions.. [by a] small fascist underbelly, hell-bent on causing division and destroying NZ's egalitarian ethos"
You can tell he plans to take all the fun out of Waitangi celebrations. Thank goodness he didn't get in! He's proof that it's not just the left who are full of pious, dictatorial preachers keen on squelching others' thoughts, opinions & feelings they disapprove of.


TMonkey said...

Do you mind if i ask hu u 'did' vote for?

phil said...

Party vote: National
Electorate: Monte Ohia (Maori Party)

None of my horses came in... :-(

phil said...

ps - I'm giving party vote to ACT from now on.

pps - I'm a paid up member of both The Maori Party & ACT

I joined TMP first (before their constitution was amended prohibiting members from joining other partys) & later emailed Catherine (someone ??) at ACT & she said it was fine to become an ACT member regardless of other party membership.

I tell people I'm a "libertarian" - the truth is I'm just a plain old "rebel" who hates being told what to do - by Govts or anyone else.

phil said...

"Catherine Judd" I think her name is (too lazy to look it up).