Wednesday, December 28, 2005

viva la boycott

I've been a good boycotter this year. The good thing is you don't need cash to participate. Quite the contrary; the rich & poor alike can join in.

Firms in no danger of being burdened with my patronage:

* The New Zealand Herald: used to like reading on train on way home. No more. The Auckland-based Labour Party megaphone won't receive a dime from me. Did not buy a SINGLE copy this year. Have their website as homepage so every time I log on to net they get a hit & bandwidth bill increases (however slightly). Call it, "attempted economic sabotage via death by a trillion cyber-cuts."

* The Dominion Post: Similar to NZH, but only more left-wing, more anti-American, and worse quality writing. Still kicking myself at having bought ONE copy while job-hunting early on in this year. Determined not to repeat same mistake in 2006.

* Sunday Star Times: Zero purchases since eve of 2002 election when editor wrapped herself in Labour's colours. Was tempted to buy copy this election campaign til same editor repeated endorsement online just prior to polling day. Might consider purchase after 2008 election - if editor behaves & keeps partisan flap shut.

* Herald on Sunday:
Employer of lying snake, John Manukia. Bought ONE copy in last year's tsunami aftermath. Disgusted to read Colin Meads - All Black Great & "foreign policy expert" - insult president Bush. Another item on the don't-buy list.

* Xtra (telecom): Was my original ISP for over 3 years. Disconnected over frustration with xtra-msn news site and its fawning, reverence for Queen Helen. Will NEVER choose their services again, despite any lower costs or superior service.

* Burger King: Pulled their ads during TV screenings of Swiftboat Veterans' expose of John Kerry in American election campaign. Pres Bush's foes get none of my money.

* Hell's Pizzas: Ad campaign featured Prez Bush's face with slogan: "Hell's too good for some evil b*stard's." After minor media furore, spokesguy laughed it off as mere light-hearted humour. As a single guy/terrible cook, I order pizzas regularly, sometimes 3x p/week. I buy Dominoes, P-Hutt, P-Haven... anyone but Hell's. Chuckle away, schmucks!

* Hollywood: The list of actors, writers, producers, directors who pour scorn on prez Bush, Christians, White Males, America, the Iraqi war effort & the Military, too exhaustive to itemise. Equally troubling is anti-family agenda glorifying promiscuity, debauchery and all manner of sexual perversions. No thanks, fellas! I'll pass, and stop movie-going/ DVD-hiring altogether.

* NZ Music Industry: Have previously bleated about awards ceremony. Will buy no NZ albums; instead will steal them online. Since majority are Clark-loving socialists, no doubt they'll be happy to have their commodities "redistributed." Extra contempt for Helen's Helper's: Che (fat, black, sack-o-crap) Fu, Finn brothers & Dave Dickhead Dobbyn.

* TV personalities: Oh boy, this is a never-ending, ever-growing roll of dishonour. Faces that elicit the itchy-remote finger reflex include: Jacqui Clark, Oliver Driver, Mark Sainsbury, John Campbell, Wendy Petrie, Janet MacIntyre, Guyon Espiner, Sam Neil, Peter Jackson, Kim Hill...
Goodness me, there's just too many! Easier to list the things I will watch... hmmm... mainly American rubbish, like reality shows, which at least "know" they're entertainment & never take themselves too seriously or push partisan politics.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You could try the History Channel (53) and Food channel (38). At other times there's usually a cricket test on 10. Television without politics ala left is actually not bad.