Saturday, January 28, 2006

difficult decisions

benighted barristers
Legal aid
lawyers in a lather over discrepancies in solicitors' salaries. Criminal lawyers (no pun intended) complain of disparities compared to their fellow thieving liars in other domains. Law Society chappy suggests:
"Perhaps one of the reasons miscarriages of justice are occurring is that competent lawyers are turning away legal aid cases because they can't afford to do the work"
Umm, no. Maybe miscarriages are, in fact, due entirely to incompetence. If unable to get by on $70 p/h, you have serious management issues, imo. To have chosen to work in lesser paying field implies lack of foresight, planning, intelligence or research. All qualities demanded in lawyers on top of their game. Besides, during early stages of criminal work, they're often unnecessary. Throughout my ill-starred court career, at both preliminary & status hearings, I managed to utter the words "not guilty" all by myself - & I 'm not even a lawyer! Think how much money I've saved!

picking potential parents
Semenal sob-stories as near half of sperm donors say samples come with conditions. Clinicians concerned about picky patriarchs refusing requests from singles & Sapphites. Mature mums-to-be often similarly shunned. At a loss to explain why solo women unable to be impregnated via traditional means. Hardly any excuses with alcohol so freely available. Maybe too fussy, too dopey, perhaps too ugly & repugnant. In which case, in interests of our gene pool, it's best they avoid procreating altogether.

dubious justice
Police ununimpressed about man with machete who attacked another assailant.
Chasing bat-swinging intruder from terrified teen, he shattered invader's car window. Heroic & valiant, with instinct for survival, he explains intervention:
I could see him swinging his weapon away & I could hear her screaming. He was going ballistic. I thought 'I'm not going over there unarmed, I'm not going to be a victim'.
A torrent of talkback as delinquent diverted but saviour savaged by system. The prosecutor protests his whacking of window; the wrangle resulting in weapons charge. Police also unpleased with man's moan to the media, and gripe about grizzling to press. Poor man.


Mrs Danvers said...

Re: Dubious justice. Doesnt it make you just sick. The police cant defend us, we're not allowed to defend outselves. Why the hell do we put up with it!

phil said...

Yes, crazy world isn't it? When criminals are given special treatment & we are expected to passively submit to their thuggery.