Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh, for goodness sake!

Latest Labour Outrage
Helen Clark's friend Peter Jackson awarded $25mil in tax breaks for his stupid 3-hour self-indulgent, overwrought rendition of what was dumb movie to begin with. Another reason to detest him. Just coz his movies generated tons of jobs & cash in Welly & the Y-rapper, doesn't redeem his unforgiveable Labour cheerleading. Now we know why he's all kissy-face with Hel's. Horrible pig (Pete, not Helen - although she's one too). It's infuriating rich guys should benefit from broke taxpaying me.
I despise him with jaw-clenched virulence!

unintended consequences
Sobbing despair about upsurge in child prostitution in ChCh & Akld. We have 60 'yes' voting MPs + 1 abstainer to thank for liberalising our Sex Worker laws. Indirectly at least. Are our Brave New World's designers completely innocent of (male) psychology? Any guy with a hard-on will attest to testosterone's tyranny: lust fuelled derangment, that mercifully subsides with age (well, I'm thankful anyhow - LOL). I'm conflicted about the law change. My libertarian streak resents any Govt intrusion into what is essentially a business transaction. But the pragmatist says, "I told ya so!" Of course behaviour, previously forbidden, will proliferate following it's liberalisation and subsequent normalisation.

Getting older I'm becoming a 'feminist', more cognisant of (many) men's smutty minds & filthy tricks. I sympathise with every father worried about teen daughters.
Youthful beauty is powerfully alluring. I feel our laws, as currently enacted, endanger youngsters. The uncomfortable truth is teen girls are sexually desirable and will be sought by dirty old men. A civilised society should be constantly vigilant against the ever-present perverts to protect its young women. I now appreciate why religions have strict moral codes surrounding sex; it's not about hang ups, it's about protection. Sex is a chaotic primaevel force of nature we barely understand nor fully control. No amount of libertarian abstraction, left-wing pontification or social engineering will alter our stubbornly obdurate biology.

anyone out there....?
10 years hard yacka comes to fruition for star-gazing Canterbury couple who've helped locate most earth-like planet (of 170-odd discovered) to date, near Milky Way's centre. A tad chilly at -220 degrees, its remarkable geology features rock & ice surface, frozen oceans & an atmosphere.
"If such planets are.. common.. as this result implies, then the chances of there being habitable planets in our galaxy is a very real and exciting possibility.
"It's a hostile environment, but it's probable that microbes or bacteria can exist in such an environment.. Whether they do is pure speculation."
Great news for Canty Uni & NZ astronomy. Well done, guys! Exciting news for astro-biologists & all who conjecture about existence of extra-terrestial life. Do you believe? [cue X-files music]


Sharon said...

HI Phil - hadnt dropped by in some time - I got disgusted with PJ after Two Towers came out, although I tend to believe the moo's behind the oink are from that female duo, Boyens and Walsh (who also wrote the script for KK I noticed) - I swear I think they must have run out of dialogue in KK so they decided to stick in a line from LOTR. But I blame those two women for much of the mush in LOTR.

have a daughter who is fixin to hit teen-hood...I am VERY scared!

phil said...

I'm sure many parents share your anxiety. At best we can hope we've instilled morals, confidence & perhaps a wee bit of healthy 'suspicion' in our kids.
Who knows? Perhaps one hopeful deterrent for Southern & Red State folks is the 2nd amendment?
"Armed and courteous" as they say. The threat of high velocity lead poisoning may do well to keep predators at bay.