Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Go, the Canucks!

Oh, Canada...
I take back everything bad I ever said about being boring, frost-bitten, irrelevant, maple syrup slurping pacifist blouses* with bland, watered-down American accents, & congratulate you tossing out those dodgy leak-prone Liberals & electing a pro-American, Dubya-loving PM. Well done, Mr Harper! Good luck holding your minority govt together! Guess it's just us & the Poms left with Commie-filth in charge.
"Mr. Harper pointedly promised not to send Canadian troops to Iraq :-(
...But he did promise $5 billion in new military spending"
I guess with the UK helping in Iraq, that makes us indisputably the Pansiest Fruitcake in the Anglosphere. Terrible.

* Yeah, I know that's rich coming from a kiwi - but at least we don't eat girly stuff like maple syrup or have cops riding horseback in gay red uniforms with ridiculous pointy hats.

But seriously...
MUST READ article: The Election for Dummies. Everything you wanted to know about Canadian Politics but were too busy making fun of them to ask (sorry). Treat yourself.
'tip- mz L

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