Monday, January 09, 2006

save our coppers!

Get well soon...
Policewoman bashed in Tauranga makes progress in intensive care. 27 year old thug in court today facing charges of assault; additional, more serious charges pending. Let's hope they include: assault with intent to injure; grievous bodily harm; & attempted murder - she was hit repeatedly over the head with a tire rim, suffering fractured skull, nose and shoulder. Better news overall, however, with police crediting the introduction of pepper spray - miraculously transforming would-be assailants into compliant citizens - for the declining numbers of assaults against police. (Statistics don't include the commensurate rise of hit pieces by effete, effeminate flunkies posing as NZPA journalists). And good on Ron Mark, who regularly joins patrol cars & witnesses our scum class first-hand, for urging tougher penalties for cop-bashing cretins. Whoulda thunk it? A poli with a sense of perspective & firm grasp of reality. Unlike Nat police spokesman, trapped in dithering passivity & empty weasely posturing, twiddling while Home burns.

not so cutesy animal story
Kiwi ingenuity to the fore as inventive Otago farmers unleash the bunny blaster in war against rabbit plague. Mixing oxygen, propane and a spark to roast rodents, the Rodenator has animal rights groups hopping mad:
"they quite likely will be injured & they could well suffer from severe burns, broken limbs & they will suffer a horrible death"
Umm, isn't that the whole point? There's no hope convincing hare-brained activists. Let them burrow their heads underground and hope the rapscallion rabbit numbers don't come bouncing back.

n.s.c.a.s. 2
Catfood takes on whole new meaning in Shanghai with rise of moggy-meals as stray pets get skewered. Not pussy-footing about, locals chow down on feline fare, eliminating widespread vermin & alleviating mass hunger. While our own culture would find the practice wholly unpalatable, it must be said that communist cuisine does give one paws for thought.

n.s.c.a.s. 3
Tragedy compounded as friends of Banks Peninsula man, drowned in doggedly determined effort to save beloved pet, blame emergency services for his demise. Citing tardiness & procedural bungling, understandably upset acquaintances may be barking up wrong tree attempting to exculpate friend claiming:

[he] shouldn't be criticised for diving into dangerous waters to save his dog, Rossi, because the animal was like a family member. "Nobody would think twice about jumping in the water to save a child. Rossi was like a baby to Dave (Clarke) so he had to save him."

Sorry for your loss, but anyone confusing canines with kids is too irresponsibly clueless to be entrusted with animal ownership, much less procreate, imo. His actions alone, noble but foolhardy, cost him his life & no amount of hounding rescue helicopter team or muttering about man's best friend can undo that.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's worth noting the doting dogger didn't think twice about throwing sticks into the 'dangerous water' and then send doggy dearest to 'go fetch.' Couln't possibly have been his own fault, could it?