Tuesday, January 10, 2006

witches of waitangi

Just wundrin'... (along with the organisers) whether The Hag will show her ugly face at this year's New Zealand Day protests celebrations? If so, where and for how long? And should our PM attend any powhiris, I wonder (given his/her indeterminate gender) whether it'll karanga or whai-korero in the rich deep baritone to which we're accustomed?

More interesting will be appearance of regular & home-boy, Mr Hone Harawira - who is now, let it be noted - a Member of our white, racist, colonial, imperialistic, land-thieving Parliament. Or at least that's how he used to describe our honourable representatives. Wonder if dear old mum will show up to dote on golden boy? Wonder if she's in charge of the welcoming ceremonies & hospitality?

Wonder if she'll make the Hag cry again?

Fingers crossed...

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