Friday, February 10, 2006

Welcome back!

The Super 14 (doesn't quite sound right, does it?) kicks off tonight, yeehah! A good excuse to quit mindlessly staring at internet screen & watch TV instead. 'Canes vs Blues at Eden Park. DomPost has lovely partisan preview. HOPE we beat the Jafas! Be depressed all weekend otherwise. Other prayers for Round One: Force*, Bulls, Highlanders*, Reds, Cats & Chiefs.

* Don't really expect to win, but hate opposition more.

Order of personal provincial preferences
NZ: Wellington, Waikato, Otago, Auckland, Canterbury.
OZ: Queensland, ACT, West Oz, NSW
SA: Ahh, who cares? They're all Yarpies, anyway...

Houston, we have a problem...
Quease-making tale of kiwi-born Wallaby (don't often hear that phrase), Leroy Houston, dropped for S14's first two rounds for missing Warratahs training session. Reckons he has 'family' problems. With muticulti mollycoddling, their Pacific Islander Liaison Officer urges mass family counselling & respect for emotional sensitivities. What hogwash! He needs a good kick up the a*se, is what he needs! If a 'professional' rugby can't fulfil work obligations, then terminate his contract as you would any insubordinate. There's plenty time for family dramas whilst unemployed. (Sigh) A waste of talent, but always was doomed scenario. A Maori playing for Australia? How disgraceful is that? No wonder his whanau's upset. That's cultural sedition! Excommunicate at once! Scrub name from geneaology & raze those family photo albums.

Update: Hurricanes 37 - Blues 19 :-D
Too happy to even gloat! Crap1st half, awesome 2nd! Please, God, let '06 be the year we finally win! I'm so stoked, I'm gonna add a cluster map to me blog.


fm said...
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fm said...

You can have him back (and try him for sedition) if you also promise to take back the 200 Maori workers who performed a haka outside Australia's Parliament House to protest Australian workplace relations laws. The cheek of it, I tell you.