Sunday, February 26, 2006

Spiritual Sunday

Mission from God
Just had a visit from some Mormon missionaries. Lovely chaps, unfailingly polite & immaculately groomed. I do enjoy theological chats, no cult too outlandish, whether Destiny NZ, scientologists, socialists or libertarians ;-) Discourse was lively & civil. The elders enthusiastically encouraged all queries, only slightly bristling defensively when probed about the deeper significance of their special underwear. (Remember that drama, Angels in America, about the AIDS epidemic in New York? Remember the gorgeous blond Mormon boy and his special spiritually protective undergarments?) Well, that's all I was wondering about. Not like I was asking them to drop their daks or anything. Cripes! One innocent little question about mormon's undies & they go all silly on me - no need to get your knickers in a twist!

Other than that, it was all good. They left a copy of The Book of Mormon & are coming back next week to show me a DVD and maybe have a prayer session. But if they're hoping to convert me... it'll take a lot more than a pair of Godly gruts to get my butt into their temple. As for tithing 10% of my wages? 10%! Heck, I'd rather donate the $28.50 p/week to Right-to-Life or my local school. Or spend it Saturday night at the pub, so then at least I'd feel appropriately sinful and needing of forgiveness the next day.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Nothing dampens their ardour more than inviting them to your own church for Sunday service. Or the odd question on polygamy (with raised eyebrow)and the similarity with Islam.

But one must give them their due, along with the JWs. They make the effort to get out and spread their message. Perhaps we have something to learn from them. Seems to me we don't stand up for ourselves enough and, as a result, ultra aggressive outfits like Islam can really get some traction while we are still waking up, like the French, Dutch and Danish.