Sunday, February 26, 2006

David Benson-Pope is a sick perverted scumbag!

Minister of molestation
More scurrilous allegations surface about David Paedophile-Pope during his reign of sleaze at Bayfield High. Investigate Magazine reveals new charges that the Labour Minister:
  • physically assaulted a teenage girl in 1997
  • watched naked schoolgirls while they showered
  • watched naked schoolgirls get dressed
  • watched schoolgirls get changed at a school camp
  • socialised with students, taking them on high speed joy rides
Apparently, teacher/pupil liaisons were not uncommon at Bayfield. The authorities either disinterested or complicitous with such behaviour as formal complaints were never properly investigated nor recorded. Unsurprisingly, Labour's lecher enablers at TVOne and the NZPA engage in desperate damage-control, dismissing the accusations as a 'nonsense', and hint at threats of legal action against his victims. The Herald on Sunday -- to their credit -- refuse to aid & abet the Ministerial molester, rightly exposing the degenerate miscreant as the sick pervert he really is.


Oswald Bastable said...

Two things are apparent here

1- DBP has serious dirt of those higer up the food chain.

2- This could open an industrial-size can of worms regarding hanky-panky in our skoolz...

george said...

A male jury would aquit DBP.
A female jury would hang him.