Monday, February 20, 2006

David Pervert-Pope

Bully. Sadist. Pervert.
Minister of Social Development & pubescent sado-masochistic fantasies makes front page of DomPost with further exploits of the cruel & kinky kind. New allegations reveal sicko MP for Dunedin Sth enjoys staring at schoolgirls' legs as they freeze outside on cold nights in their nighties. Does this not make him a quasi sexual predator of young women? Why aren't Parliament's feminist lesbi-dykes up in arms? What say you, Labour ladies? When will Wimmins Refuge chirp in? Commissioner for Children? Remember his other students were punched, had tennis ball stuffed in mouths, arms strapped to desks, routinely humiliated and caned with excess theatrical gusto. No wonder pupils recall him as:
"quite sleazy. The girls.. felt that he was always staring at our legs beneath desks"
Dave Benson-Pope's teaching career sounds like a bad porn movie; unsafe for public consumption. And like Dover Samuels with his underage lover, he fits in well with Labour's sexual deviants. A pox on DBP's voters! A curse on Dunedin city! May the Highlanders come last in the Super 14, and Otago get relegated to 2nd division! And may a 1000 Te Roopu Maoris descend to pilfer their Uni's Students' Assn! Curse ye foul scarfie fiends!

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