Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sporting Upsets

The End of the World
Heartbreak & horror at the under-19 World Cricket Cup. Nepal beat NZ (do they play cricket up in the snow there?) and Pakistan blitz Ozzy! Didn't see that coming. The Paki's play India in the final; the ultimate grudge match. I'm hoping India wins. I'm hoping they don't riot & burn down the stadium afterwards.

(Green &) Gold Moments
The Sydney Morning Herald surveyed readers about their greatest events in Australian sports history. Top 10 Ozzy highlights:

1. Australia II's America's Cup victory
2. Sydney 2000
3. Socceroos qualifying for the 2006 World Cup
4. Anything Bradman
5. Cathy Freeman's gold in Sydney
6. Kieren Perkins's win in Atlanta 1996
7. Phar Lap
8-10 equal. Rod Laver (tennis); Swans' 2005 AFL grand final win; 1997 World Series Cricket revolution.

Surprised Perkins is the sole swimmer on the list; they've got shiploads of excellent swimmers, a global superpower second only to the Yanks. Likewise, the '91 & '99 World Rugby Cup winning squads get only an oblique reference. Shame really, I consider John Eales to be the greatest Australian in history. And, most baffling (to kiwis) is the non-mention of their incredible netballers who only lost 3 matches throughout all of the 1990s - and clinched a 3-peat of World Titles. Possibly the most successful Oz sports team of all time. Unusual, coz it's their biggest sport in terms of registered players & popular in all States. Except perhaps NSW, where their men's team just got beaten by the Silver Ferns in a practice match. Ouch! I guess that's why they call 'em "the Blues."

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fm said...

Remember, it's SMH readers. Ladies who lunch probably don't play a lot of netball. More of a suburban housewife thing. Much the same with rugby I suppose. Bit more interest amongst the blokes who read the SMH, but a fair swathe of the Oxford Street crowd probably think it's one step removed from joining the army. Not exactly indicative of all Australians.