Sunday, February 12, 2006

in retrospect

The week in review
POLITICS: Labour overspends election budget by $400K. Another scandal, another whitewash by the NZHerald whose pundits downplay our "outdated & unclear" laws, choosing instead to continually inflame rumours of a National leadership coup. Just like 2002 - 2005, focus remains on opposition's shortcomings, ignoring or excusing the Govt's sleaze, mischief & ineptitude.

SPORT: Super 14 begins with Canes beating the Blues - only second time in any "Super" competition. Warratahs finally break Reds hoodoo. Crusaders win southern derby, no surprise, but I was cheering for the scarfies. I've decided to hate Chch more than any other city on earth: the motley crew who elected Barnett, Dyson & Dalziel deserve all the opprobrium they can get!

CULTURE: All hail the return of LOST. Our strangely androgynous hero, Jack (who can punch up bad guys & monsters, then weep profusely at the drop of a hanky), can also, apparently, perform surgical miracles by restoring lower body movement to patients with crushed spines. What a guy! Can walking on water be next? Our snivelling, macho alpha-healer finally descends into hatch to find
bunker-type fallout shelter with 60's music & a gun-toting hostile Brit. Good stuff!

# Received invite to ACT's Annual Conference next month here in Wgtn, am considering attending. Also time to vote for Board of Trustees. The only name I recognise is Trev Loudon's (so he'll obviously get my tick for VP). As for the others? Might take safe option and cast 'no vote' to avoid potentially picking a dud - who might actually go on to win - and then I'll feel partly culpable for any of their muck ups. If anyone can vouch for either Mallett or Ormond (& the others) I'm all ears - my vote's up for grabs.

# Have decided to quit smoking at midnight, this Friday, Feb 17. I expect to be completely grumpy, obnoxious & vicious for the next month or two - both in real life & online. If I start mindlessly ranting & spraying unwarranted abuse willy-nilly, please don't be alarmed, I'm just a junkie doing detox. Actually, come to think of it... ranting? abuse? Hmm, looks like it'll still be business as usual, then...


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Thanks for that snippet, Anon! he sounds a bit of a character.