Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thanks, Guys!

Bout time we had one of these! President Hamid Karzai & the man who liberated his country. Once again: Thank you, President Bush! Thank you, US-led coalition forces! And thanks to our SAS & Provincial Reconstruction guys there! God bless you all, great men & women! This fantastic photo from a ghastly Independent column puked up at NZH. (Don't bother reading; alarmist leftist crybaby crap) Excellent pic, tho, of Mr Karzai & our #1 international superhero.

Long Live King John!
Happy Birthday to our fave Ozzy PM & #2
global action-figure who celebrates a decade in power, only the 2nd to have achieved such feat. Well done, Mr Howard! Hugs & kisses - may you never retire! Your successor Peter Costello sounds a real fruitcake (if you don't mind me saying) blabbering on about affirmative action & wimmin-friendly workplaces. He's pro-abortion, too. Yuck, I despise him already.

Wellington 1 - Auckland 0
Thanks, local boy, Mark Torley for giving goofball reporter, Stephen Parker, a black eye during drunken scuffle between workers from rival TV stations. Way to put pussy boy in his place! Are all Aucklanders this appallingly behaved? Starting fights then getting the snot beaten out of them? Losers! Incident confirms that jafa journalists can't hold their drink, take criticism, control their tempers, or behave selves in public. Savages! The reason Wgtn's called the "culture capital" is because we're 'civilised' here, enjoying nightlife without regressing to boorish barbarianism. Now d
rag your bruised beaten butt back to Auckland, wimp boy! We've an Arts Festival to host, and can do without lagered louts, lowering our city's urbane ambience.
(hattip - Adolph)

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