Monday, May 15, 2006

hmm, makes ya wonder

Is Australia a dump?
No, not a general knowledge question any 5 yr old kiwi should easily be able to answer affirmatively, but the issue of Nuclear Leasing. Should Ozzy become a global dumping ground for nuclear waste? Our good friend president Bush seems to think so. Our other mate, prime minister Howard, not so keen.

My opinion? Yeah, why not? They're not much use for anything else. Fact: There's tons of room. The country's one big empty sand pit. Dump all the nuclear crap way out in the desert somewhere, miles away from anywhere, where no one except some stray Abo going walkabout will ever worry about it. No one's gonna know or care except maybe a tiny, few locals who should easily be appeased/ bought off/ ignored. If anything, it'll give NZ another excuse legitimate, principled reason to dislike them given our steadfast anti-nuclearism.

For a serious opinion, The Australian editorial (scroll down) gives the idea a thumbs up, arguing Oz's prominence as a uranium-player in an increasingly nuclear-powered globe, is undermined by outdated energy & economic arguments, and
environmentalist populism.

So long, Sailor!
More on Wendell. Looks like his footy career's completely down the tubes after testing positive for cocaine, unless he can explain how it unintentionally got into his system. If found guilty by an AFU judiciary, he'll likely be banned from rugby for 2 years, and also be ineligible to play NRL league or club rugby overseas. In other words, goodbye! I feel sorry for him, to be honest. 23 appearances as a Kangaroo, 37 as a Wallaby - what a sad way to end the great career of a double international.

Science fiction
Political correctness encroaches upon the last bastion of free intellectual enquiry and common sense in Ozzy Universities, the science faculties. A repugnant trend we'll, no doubt, soon import. The long established curriculums of hard sciences, including medicine, infected by multi-culti sociologists
peddling faddish theories & bogus teaching methodologies. Eg:
Not only have core areas such as anatomy been downgraded as prospective doctors are taught to be culturally sensitive, but students complain that lecturers "facilitate" instead of teaching and there is too much emphasis on problem-based learning.
The science syllabus at highschool level similarly affected. The rot is alarmingly widespread:
The SA curriculum states: "Every culture has its own ways of thinking and its own world views to inform its science. Western science is the most dominant form of science but it is only one form among the sciences of the world." The NT science curriculum adopts a similar approach; it speaks of a "social-constructivist perspective" and one where "science as a way of knowing is constructed in a socio-cultural context".
In WA, the.. physics paper asks students to comment on the "ethics of making airbags compulsory" & in the chemistry paper students are asked to analyse "the relationship between attitudes, values, beliefs & chemical knowledge to account for the development of the cosmetics industry over time"
If you're worried about our immediate future generations of kids being dumbed down by multi-culti mumbo-jumbo and indoctrinated by godless, progressive, socialist nihilists, then this article'll be the scariest thing you've read in a while.

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