Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Sports

******** Go, Wellington! ********

* Super 14 semis: 'Canes vs the 'Tahs at the Caketin, & the Crusaders meet the Bulls at whatever they call that crummy ground in that godforsaken crap-hole city down there in the cold island that nobody ever visits. So, a Hurricanes/Bulls final then? :-)
I'm so proud my team finished 2nd on the points table. Oh, and hands up if you're a Jafa and your big pathetic LOSER girly-man team lost more games than they won & finished even behind 2 Ostrahlian & 2 Yarpy teams. Gee, it must suck to be you.

* And on a more humble note, congrats to our Shakers for their first netball win in two seasons. Attaboy, girls! Go, us! Go, Poneke!

* Curtains for Wendall Sailor after failing drug test? He's a bit of a party boy, isn't he? Good news for the Hurricanes he won't be in next week's semi. So an Ozzy's rugby career might be irreparably harmed. You have no idea how cut up inside I am over that.

* Yeah, yeah, we all knew it was gonna happen anway. Richie McCaw is our new AB's skipper. Should really say congrats, but he's from Canterbury - and Canterbury are the new Auckland. So we spew vitriol or say nothing at all.

* Justin Gatlin becomes fastest (non-druggy) man in history, clocking 9.76 sec in the 100m sprint. Churr, churr! Too much, him! That's the same time an 'assisted' Ben Johnson ran in that Olympic final (iirc). Hope Justin hasn't been hangin out with Wendall & his buddies.

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andrewfalloon said...

"Canterbury are the new Auckland"

Oh god we are??

Perhaps I should move to Levin or Ekatahuna then??