Friday, August 18, 2006


War on Poverty
That'd be me warring with my own poverty (and right now, poverty's winning). Yes, broke again. Spent last 2 weeks being wrecklessly extravagant, paying for it now. Too poor to even afford a coupla cheap & nasty $4 bottles of wine from the supermarket (tastes like crap, but hey - booze is booze). So... have to spend a sober weekend at home talking crap on the internet instead.

racial research
Last week scientists located Maori Warrior DNA, this week they explain our genetic disposition toward laziness. Yes, the couch potato gene. 'Leisurely behaviour' is, in fact, biologically programmed, involving complex chemical interactions with an organic substance, orexin A.
Lab technicians discovered that... umm... er, something... (dunno what, I couldn't be bothered reading the whole article)

ps - Can someone do a google/wikipedia search on that chemical? I would... but I just can't be stuffed at the moment...

Auf wiedersehen
Germany ponders its continual demographic decline with their population rate well below replacement level. Not enough breeding. I blame their language; probably the most effective contraceptive since the pill. Particularly their jaw-breakingly long words. You practically need 300 syllables just to say: "Hello, how are you?" Expending so much effort on sentences with impossibly long vocab, they've no energy left to procreate. And those aggressive, dissonant consonant clusters [like "tsch"] are murder on the ear - not exactly conducive to romance. Especially that guttural, choking noise "ch" (as in "achtung"). Would you wanna sleep with someone who sounded as if they were continually clearing phlegm? Hoiking is hardly bedroom behaviour now, is it? I rest my case.

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