Friday, September 22, 2006

Back again. Still grumpy...

Good on The Pope
Charles Krauthammer points out the bleeding obvious; not only are Islamaniacs a bunch of blood-thirsty barbarian butchers, they're also hypocrites. You won't find a bigger bunch of precious, thin-skinned crybabies - not even in Women's Studies Depts. Content to blithely kill all & sundry, they claim outrage should anyone question their demonic god, demented prophet or evil, false religion. Ragheads need to get over themselves. Islam is a satanic death cult founded by a vicious mentally disturbed paedophile in the 7th Century. Nothing's changed in the meanwhile except for more sophisticated methods of murder. Unlike Christendom, it hasn't evolved beyond medieval brutality and squalor. Their threats against The Pope continue the long, unabated line of unstoppable hostility & bloodshed since islam's inception. Until Mecca becomes a lifeless radioactive post-nuclear detonated pit where a big mosque used to be, civilisation must be constantly vigilant against marauding masses of Mohammed's murderous madmen.

Hard to stomach
Our pushy PC govt with its ravenous taste for social engineering to ban junk food from school tuck shops. A $67 mil anti-obesity campaign plans to promote "more school, internet and television promotion of healthy food" while simultaneously encouraging "less time in front of TVs and computers." How dopey is that? If they scare kids away from their screens, how will they get govt's health messages? Other items on nanny's menu include the expansion of "green prescriptions" and "health impact assessments on all new policy and legislation." Just what we need! A feast of new regulations with more committees & meetings & 'experts' & reports to feed our already bloated bureaucracy's insatiable appetite for paperwork.

Sordid affairs
National leader & chick-magnet, Don 'Giovanni' Brash, out to seduce the female electorate, one adulterous voter at a time. Perhaps an appeal to 'swing' voters? All I can say about Don's dirty dalliances is "Ick!," "Boo!," "Hiss!," and other strong condemnatory exclamations! (although he does represent 'hope' for us elder amorous chaps. And credit where it's due: at least he chose a wealthy one). But as one of the 12 NZers who still find marital infidelity repugnant, I must declare my shock, distaste and moral outrage.

Even if you don't believe in the sanctity of marriage, extraneous affairs betray huge character flaws signalling major breaches of trust, honesty & commitment. Only weak personalities allow passion to override virtue, only the unethical wilfully dishonour obligations. Unless you signed up for an 'open' marriage, your indiscretions represent a treacherous reneging of contract. Mr Brash, I conclude, is a man without conscience.

Not that my judgments will make one jot of difference, but I still hope he can salvage his marriage. Perhaps spend more comfy evenings at home with wife watching TV. There's a ton of good stuff on at the moment, like Dragon's Den - NZ. I'm hooked on that show having fallen in love with Julie Christie: a beautiful blonde bombshell. Don't, however, think I'm smitten just coz she's a sexy foxy babe. Heck no, I'm not that superficial. I love her coz she's rich. Like Don, I've no time for poor scummy trash (coulda married my childhood sweetheart, were that the case). But unlike Dr Brash, I respect other's property rights - in this case, her husband's.

So rather than violate Julie's solemn matrimonial commitments with extra-marital impudence, we'll wait til husband problem resolves itself & he's 'out of the picture' entirely. Perhaps via an "oops, someone accidentally mixed up the cyanide & sugar bowls while making hubby's coffee this morning" breakfast table faux pas (easy to do while everyone's still groggy having just risen from sleep). And as a token of my genuine love, I'm prepared to wait for Julie while she does time for bumping off whatshisface. By time she's paroled, 3 years should have elapsed so under relationship law, I can scarper off with my 50% share of her assets and earnings.

All of which may sound a teensy bit calculated to some, a tad underhanded perhaps? But at least I'm not going to have an affair. Unlike Mr Brash, I at least have some moral standards.


Wolfsong said... certainly are bold to say those things in the first paragraph. I'm in awe. You could be my sister's hero (she studies in a muslim majority college. Long story). Nice blog. Will check back later!

Lindsay said...

I don't think you are going to get very far with Ms Christie. Didn't you hear Annette ording her to keep her pants on?

phil said...

Thanks, Wolfsong. Bold? Well... most people just think I'm obnoxious :-)
Besides, that's just my standard anti-muslim rant that I post from time to time. It's always the same old rant, slightly paraphrased each time.

Lindsay - It's a shame I won't get far with Julie. I guess I could always try my luck with Annette, but alas,
unfortunately she's in the internet business, so she'll probably discover my devious plans for post-nuptial 'retirement' beforehand.