Tuesday, November 14, 2006

and today's apocalypse is...

disaster du jour
Maori & Pacific Islanders doomed to diabetic extinction by Century's end, says an 'international expert' in Brussels. [I guess our crime & welfare levels ought to plummet, then huh?] Extinction? Whatever? They were singing a similar sad song back in the 1880s, where naysayers sought to "smoothe the pillow for a dying race." Wishful thinking, if you ask me.

I don't trust the diet-as-destiny demographers. Yes, diabetes is a lifestyle disease. And yes, it kills. But so do alcoholism, lung cancer, obesity related illnesses, etc. All are prevalent among Maori - but we're still here, are we not? As long as Maoris keep popping out babies, the genealogy continues. So far, we're doing fine* on that count. European nations with fertility rates below replacement levels ought to be worried about their own long term survival.

* I consider our epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases a far more ominous threat to Maori survival. Especially chlamydia as it's easily spread, often remains undetected (few, if any symptoms), and can cause fallopian scarring in women leading to ectopic pregnancies. Ultimately it can render both men & women infertile. That's just one of the many nasty STDs which play havoc with demography. I think the gravity of STDs is vastly underplayed in NZ. Everyone gets excited about the harm of obesity, but nary a peep about sexual health. We kiwis like to bonk; and look out anyone who tries to stymie our promiscuity! Careful not to mention the words 'abstinence,' 'fidelity,' or 'monogamy,' or they'll call you a prude, old-fashioned, uptight, hung-up, un-hip, a Victorian, a religious fundamentalist...

What a crazy society! What bizarre values. What confused priorities.
  • Rampant casual sex - good!
  • High-fat food - bad!
A recipe for disaster, imho.

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