Monday, November 13, 2006


feminist fibbers
Two health researchers refute Families Commission claims that domestic violence is primarily the province of men battering women and children. Professor David Fergusson believes the commission.. being guided by an ideologically driven model that assumes on a priori grounds that domestic violence is a male problem and that female-initiated domestic violence does not exist or is so trivial that it can be ignored in the commission's policy focus
This is the rotten fruit of hostile anti-male claptrap that has spread unchecked, virus-like thoughout the state and has poisoned policymaking in education, justice, policing, and employment for more than 20 years. Similar mendacious rubbish has spawned and legitimised nonsensical notions such as "male violence" - a routine feminist truism, that falls easily from the mealy-mouths of politicians such as Sue Bradford. I hate that phrase; a libelous affront against the majority of decent men (like me) who never bash women or kids. In fact, Justice Dept stats reveal that violent offences are disproportionately committed by Maoris. D'ya think the man-hating harpies would dare label it "Maori violence"? Didn't think so.

This is the main reason I loathe feminists with a passion: because they are such LIARS. It's the very reason I NEVER donate to Women's Refuge, Rape Crisis, or any wimmin's groups or causes - all of them are infected with the same shrill hateful spiteful propaganda. Their deliberate misinformation campaigns ultimately backfire by alienating the public whose support is vital to help achieve any honourable aims. If anyone needs the bash, it's the feminazi fabulists. Maybe a good thrashing just might help pummel some truth into them.


Lucyp said...

Maybe a good thrashing just might help pummel some truth into them.
Let me guess, your single then? Surprise surprise and you would be such a catch for any female!

Phil said...

Let me guess, you're a feminist then?

Surprise, surprise that an uptight, thin-skinned twat would interpret something so LITERALLY and take offence so readily.

Lucyp said...

Ouch..hit a nerve did i Mr Free and single?
How could anyone take offence at such a touching and sensitive story that shows you in such a good light and not as a woman hating jerk who wouldn't know what a woman wanted even if she came with labels?
I knew that you was speaking in jest, nobody could be that jaw droppingly ignorant. Can they?

Phil said...

Ouch..hit a nerve did i Mrs angry feminist?

Aint you got something better to do with your time than comment on the blogs of "women hating jerks"? Like killing your babies, developing eating disorders, and wallowing in garish rape fanatsies?

Run along now, shrieking white girl & have some chamomille tea for your PMT. You'll feel much better afterwards, I promise.

Lucyp said...

Wow, your so easy to annoy with just words.
But it is so rare to come across such a woman hating jerk that i feel the need to pause killing my babies, developing eating disorders and wallow in garish rape fantasies and try and work out just why you are such a woman hating weirdo.
Gay? Recently Jilted? Unable To Attract Women With Your Sparkling Repartee? Aged 12?

Phil said...

Wow, you're so easy to BAIT with just words.
But it is so rare to come across a screeching harpy (who is obviously obsessed with me since she keeps coming back).

Been "date raped"? Divorced? Overweight? An ugly pig? Unable to find partners who aren't repelled by your bitterness? A pushy know-it-all yank who just Can't Let Go?

Ruth said...

You are a disgrace Phil. I have linked you and called you on this one. If you don't have a statcounter as you claim, you will not know. In my comments I said this:

Phil can try to wriggle out of what he said, but anyone with half a brain can sense the hostility towards women behind his words.

This is from Le Monde:
For European women aged 16-44 violence in the home is the primary cause of injury and death, more lethal than road accidents and cancer. Between 25% and 50% of women are victims of this violence. In Portugal 52.8% of women say that they have been violently treated by their husbands or partners. In Germany almost 300 women a year - or three women every four days - are killed by men with whom they used to live. In Britain one woman dies in similar circumstances every three days. In Spain it is one every four days. In France six women die this way every month: 33% of them are knifed, 33% shot, 20% strangled and 10% beaten (1). In the 15 member states of the European Union (before enlargement to 25), more than 600 women die every year because of sexist brutality in the family.”

All over the world, in fact, women are getting the shit kicked out of them every single day.

george said...

I wonder why.

Cheezy said...

Careful boys, I think I can hear the screen door slamming. That'll be the Mrs, and I think she wants her tea. Now you know what happens when you don't make it in time, don't you?

Lucyp said...

You wonder why George? Because of moronic idiots like Phil who is obviously devoid of any intelligence and suffers from some issues that makes him feel threatened by women and feels he has to try and prove his pseudo-manhood via the safety of his his blog. Probably. I may be wrong and he is just an idiot.

Heine said...

Talk about oversenstive ladies here. One wonders are they all in synch this month? :)

ruth said...

phil have you deleted some comments?

Sharon Ferguson said...

ruth said "All over the world, in fact, women are getting the shit kicked out of them every single day."

(and lucyp - this is aimed at you too for freaking out over something you cant refute)

Yeah...and pretty much the majority of them are members of a certain "religion of peace." Where are all you vaunted savior feminazi's when they need you? Fellating rapists like Bill Clinton and other limosine liberals. Juanita Broderick ring a bell? You fucktard feminazi's lost all credibility (and still do) when you looked the other way when YOUR men of the hour misused and hurt women. Burqa much, bitch? Dhimmi much, chick?

You go right ahead and flail at phil all you want. We know its just you feminazis wanking your own inadequate responses to actual abuse (like among Muslim women.) No, we cant ACTUALLY go out and speak against Muslims beating up on women (or the gang rapes or executing a woman for suspected adultery, or raping a daughter to punish someone else)...YOU leftards have to waste your time screeching at someone's blog.

Put some ice on it, babe.

Lucyp said...

You go right ahead and flail at phil all you want
Thanks for your permission. Phil you &%*!£)!!!!