Tuesday, January 02, 2007


mainstream muslims?
A Herald poll on Kiwi attitudes to islam shows that:
  • 47% DON'T believe muslims are part of mainstream NZ
  • 41% DO believe muslims are part of mainstream NZ
  • 12% undecided / don't know / refused to answer
My opinion? Mmm, how can I put this politely....
May as well just come out and say it: "I don't like rag-heads." Just a teensy averse to forced clitorectomies, arranged marriages, honour killings, gang rapes & other domestic delights. Then there's exotic customs like beheadings, suicide-bombings, blowing up trains planes & automobiles, indiscriminate massacre yada yada (and that's just their fellow muslims). But hey, that's just me - a big softie.

Tehran's terrible traffic
Iranians irked over string
of strange driver deaths as cars burst aflame spontaneously. 300 people so far, succumbed to self-combusting sedans (that's 300 less worries for our future coalition soldiers). The popular Peugot 405 model accounting for 40% of these automobile anomalies. Flamin' heck! The French finally invent something useful. Cheers, froggies! Hope their lunatic President, Ahm-a-mad-idjit, (or whatever he's called) drives a Peugot.


Rob Good said...

I think you are relating to the extremists in less than 1st world countries. I know some people who follow the koran who live in NZ and are normal every day people. Do you really thing that the local dairy owner is planning to kill you as you walk in the door? Then extremists of most religons need to be culled if they practice things that are not tolerable by society in general.

Rob Good said...

Oh by the way it would be fantastic if Mahmoud AhMADinejad had one of these modified Peugeot 405's.... My guess is that he has a newer French car though.

phil said...

Gee, Rob. Caint a boy make one eensy-teensy tiny-weeny little over-generalised exaggeration on his blog every little now and then? :-)

I come from the Ann Coulter school of blogging - it's not what you say, it's how loud you say it, that counts.

And here in Wellington, the culture capital, blogging - like everything else - is an art form - a dramatic performance fusion of fact and fiction. We are not so much 'bloggers' as 'artists.'
["Bullshit artists" more like it]

Anyhow, I'm hoping to deliberately post provocative posts, so that unsuspecting lefties might read them and become so outraged and offended that I ruin their day.
(All part of that sneaky vastrightwing conpiracy ;-)

Rob Good said...

Fair enough then Phil