Sunday, March 11, 2007


judicious jounalists
A big hearty cheer for both Kerre Woodham & Deborah Coddington - both of whom I've mercilessly slagged off before (oops! sorry!) - for their support for the NZ police! Both have helped mitigate my intense loathing for our media. Writing about (many of) the anti-male, anti-police protesters last week,
Kerre questions their lack of faith in the justice system:
"Presumably, [they] have faith in the system that convicted Shipton and Schollum for.. rape.. Do they have faith in the system that delivered that verdict? Or do the protesters only lack faith in judgments they disagree with? The anti-police placards also seem a little incongruous, since it's the police that vigorously pursued the charges against these men and who have supported the complainants throughout the trials"
Deb Coddington echoes her common sense, chipping in:
Has it occurred to [them] that many police officers are women? ...that it was police who put in all the work to bring Clint Rickards, Bob Schollum and Brad Shipton to court? ...I hope these same people, when their outrage subsides, take time to think about where they will run to if, God forbid, they are sexually assaulted.
Right on, KW & DC! I share your sentiment about these silly protesters. Talk about "misdirected rage." Depicting our police force as misogynist and branding them a 'rape-culture' is entirely self-defeating if it deters rape victims from reporting crimes. If rapists and sex offenders are to be prosecuted, we NEED police help and support. Without it, all we're left with is shrill mobs, burning effigies and empty slogans painted on banners. And as every crook knows, a march of angry protesters never once prevented a criminal from offending.

Hate crime? Then support our cops!

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