Tuesday, March 20, 2007

blog blather: online stuff

The Good
Blog of the month award goes to: Welcome to the Asylum. Again, the Aussies prove their superiority to anything this side of the Taz'. Were cyber-slanging an Olympic sport, the green & golds would undoubtedly waltz off (Matilda-style) with all the medals. Caustic kiwis can't compete; our rabid right-wingers seem tame & lame next to these ornery Ockers.

One chap there, Tiberius, writes with such hurricane ferocity he comes perilously close to toppling PM Howard as my #1 fave Ozzy. Oh, Tiberius - I think I'm in luvv. Mind you, if he ever heard me say that he'd probably call me "a f**king dipsh*t fag," and -- since I'm a NZer -- a "sheep shagger" too. But that's Ok, being Maori, I'm quite fluent in that dialect. So go have a gander; it's bound to make you chuckle... or chuck up. Parental guidance recommended.

The Bad
Guidance also urged when posting pics on blogspot.com. Ever noticed when logging in, a link to Picasa, the online album of all the pics you've posted. So I registered, only to find half the photos I've blogged have GONE. Poof! ...vanished into ether! Worse, tons of my hyperlinks are now dead. Waste of time! All that effort for zilch. [sigh!]

This'd never happen to a cyber-savvy fella. My biggest regret is never taking computer lessons when given the chance. (Actually, not true, my biggest regret is trying to sell cocaine to an undercover cop). But anyway, beware fellow bloggers! Your cherished graphics may simply disappear, as if stolen without a trace.

The Ugly
And speaking of stealing, it's (internet) "Fraud Awareness Month." In a campaign to prevent online theft, the Commerce Commission asks all internet users to take care using computers. They offer the following precautions:

• Keep your anti virus software up to date.
• Be wary of offers with unusual promises or those asking for personal details.
• Don't reply to dubious emails.
• Don't click any links in spam email, pop-up boxes, or open any attachments.
• Don't access online banking accounts at public sites such as internet cafes or libraries.

Excellent advice. These scamsters make my blood boil! I'm passionately committed to combating rip-offs in cyberspace. As regular internet users, ALL bloggers should heed these warnings and actively support the crusade against cyber-shysters. If you'd like to assist, you can make online donations to my Nigerian bank account. Please send credit card, bank details & PIN numbers to the following e-mail address:


Tiberius said...

What? Me call you a fucking dipshit fag? Or a sheep shagger? Never.

Ok. Maybe I would call you a sheep shagger, but not the other stuff.

Well ok. I would if you were a leftist. Otherwise I will say thanks for the kudos but my arse is exit only.

Cheers for the link, and keep up the good fight against the leftist filth over there.

Phil said...

Cheers, T!

Loved the WTTA blog - funniest thing I've read in ages, damn near pissed myself laughing!